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In an increasingly sustainability-conscious world, MABO has decided to play its part through the development of high-impact sustainable activities. One of these concerns the management of production waste. Every production process generates, in fact, waste and metal chips are among the most common. MABO has developed an innovative system that not only reduces waste, but transforms this waste into valuable resources.It all starts from a chip-cutting machine, capable of shredding and chopping materials into smaller particles. Once shredded, they undergo a de-oiling process that separates the oil from the solid materials. Finally, the recovered oil is filtered to a purity of 5 microns, thanks to an additional filter press developed internally by the MABO team.

The highlight of this process is the possibility to use the recovered oil (which represents 95% of the chips) in other machines of the production process, for almost total recycling.

With more efficient waste management, MABO has reduced recovery frequency from weekly to every 5 weeks. This means less travel, less CO2 emissions and simpler and cheaper logistics.

The future of MABO is dedicated to responsible innovation, with the aim of creating an increasingly efficient and environmentally friendly production cycle.